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Programme of events for Belgian National Day 2018

On the occasion of Belgian National Day, on 20 and 21 July the FPS Chancery of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Defence, the FPS Home Affairs and the federal and local police, in close cooperation with the Association for the Advancement and Promotion of Brussels, are organising a host of activities for the general public in Brussels. National Day is intended to be a large-scale popular event, offering our fellow citizens the chance to celebrate in the heart of our capital.

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NATO Summit


Opening statement NATO

"Like in football, fair play and team spirit is what we need more than ever." 
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Federaal Adviescomité voor Europese aangelegenheden

Debriefing over de Europese top in het parlement. NAVO en Europa zijn complementair, geen concurrenten. De NAVO top zal de samenwerking nog versterken.
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Prime Minister Charles Michel meeting with Mr. Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group

"I have an obsession: jobs in Belgium! We must look for growth where it is: ensure an international and European foothold.” 
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European Council

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Informal working meeting on migration and asylum issues

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Working meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

Press Release

Belgium’s election to the Security Council: Belgian credibility rewarded!

"This excellent result is a reward for nearly 4 years of diplomatic efforts, at all levels. This election reaffirms the credibility, efficiency and professionalism of our diplomacy, which succeeded in convincing no fewer than 181 Member States to give us their vote.  Convincing them that we are a serious candidate. Convincing them that we are ready to assume our international responsibilities again."

Franco-Belgian intergovernmental meeting Val Duchesse II : joint communiqué (Paris, 11 June 2018)

On the invitation of France, the Prime Ministers of the French Republic and the Kingdom of Belgium, Édouard Philippe and Charles Michel, met today to consider how our two countries might co-operate in matters of internal security and counter-terrorism. 

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