Press Release

Prime Minister Charles Michel's response to the "Great Coalition" in Germany: " There is no time to lose! "

Now that the result is clear, we need to move up a gear, there is no time to lose! I am convinced that the German Government can be a driving force for the European project. 

Growth is picking up and never before have so many citizens in Europe been employed. So let us seize the momentum to take decisive steps forward. It is a matter of responsibility. 

I call on my colleagues in the European Council to make progress, certainly on immigration and the strengthening of the European economy and security. These are also issues that will have to be decided upon at the June European Council. 

The challenges for the Union remain great: the digital internal market, energy and international trade; these are strategic issues that have a direct impact on the daily lives of our European citizens. 

The economic revival of the euro zone must reinforce the European Union in the face of the protectionist threat, the weakening of multilateralism and climate change. 

In this context, Belgium also wants to strengthen the partnership between Europe and Africa, including in the field of conflict prevention and the necessary stabilisation of sub-Saharan African countries.