Press Release

"Early Warning System": prevention is better than cure.

The Council of Ministers has approved the use of an Early Warning System for Cybersecurity. and the CCB (Computer Emergency Response Team of the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium) will buy the Early Warning System tool.

This tool is an automated platform for the pro-active exchange of information about incidents and threats. The sectors involved are: critical infrastructure, transport, energy, telecommunication, finances, water supply, internet providers, healthcare and the governments.

Prime Minister Charles Michel: "Given the increasing risk of cyberterrorism, vital sectors must be informed quickly about attacks. This allows them to respond adequately to breaches, data theft or the destruction of their systems. This tool will allow companies to bolster the cyber security of their IT infrastructure”.

This platform brings together organisations of the vital sectors, the CCB and and their partners.

The Federal Government recently approved the emergency plan on cybersecurity. Today, it is supplementing its pre-emptive arsenal with the introduction of the Early Warning System.

Alexander De Croo, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Telecom and Digital Agenda: “Cyberattacks and cyber espionage are an increasing threat to national security, our competitive position and economy. That is why it’s important for us to protect the critical infrastructure and vital industries in our country as best we can and to alert them to possible cyber threats. The Cyber Security Early Warning System will pro-actively share information with them, allowing them to arm themselves against hackings or data theft.”