Press Release

Belgium a candidate to host the European Medicines Agency

Belgium is set to enter the race to host the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which will have to leave its current location in London following Brexit.

The Federal Government and the Regions agreed on Belgium's candidacy at the Consultation Committee meeting held on Monday, 20 March 2016.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said: "Hosting this agency in Belgium would give a real boost to our expertise in this field. If EMA decided to relocate to Belgium, this would have the indirect effect of creating new jobs in the pharmaceuticals industry and would also further invigorate the Belgian economy and consolidate Belgium's role in Europe."

The fact that Belgium is home to the capital of the European Union, Brussels, potentially brings with it a number of major advantages for EMA, such as proximity to the other European institutions, while moving to Belgium would also mean it could enjoy the benefits of a strong national agency with an international reputation. Furthermore, Belgium is the second biggest exporter of pharmaceutical goods in Europe, making it a market leader – a factor which could also give it an edge over its many rivals.


Interview on RTL-TVI's 1 p.m. TV news (in French)